What are the Symptoms of Thyroid Disease?

Thyroid disease usually comes in two forms. One type of thyroid disease is hypothyroidism, which happens when the thyroid produces fewer hormones than it should. Another is hyperthyroidism, the result of an overactive thyroid. Each kind of thyroid disease has … Continued

Cancer Screening: Who Should Be Screened for What?

Cancer screening is a way of detecting cancer before the appearance of any symptoms. For a successful cancer screening, one has to go through several tests like blood tests, urine tests, DNA tests or medical imaging. Although the results can … Continued

Diabetes and Diet Options to Help

Wondering what type of foods you need to eat because you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes? Even though diabetes is not yet cured, it is a very treatable disease. You will need to closely follow any instructions given to … Continued

What Type of Doctor is an Internist?

With so many different medical specialties out there today, it’s hard to know who does what! There are so many medical professionals who work hard every day to provide nothing but the best care to people everywhere. Knowing what types … Continued

What Kind of Doctor is a Primary Care Physician?

There are several different types of doctor that are identified as a primary care physician, and they are typically: internal medicine, family practice, general practice or pediatrician. Four kinds of doctors considered to be primary care physicians Internal medicine An … Continued

From the Flu to Diabetes: Diseases That an Internist Treats

Wondering what kinds of diseases an internist is able to treat? If you are currently suffering from a disease and looking into your treatment options, then finding out more about internal medicine is a great idea. An internist focuses on … Continued

Understanding Diabetes Treatment And Getting a Diagnosis

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, it may take time to find the best diabetes treatment. Diabetes is a condition that affects the blood sugar levels in the human body. When a person has this condition, they have to maintain … Continued

Consider an Internist’s Qualifications and How One Can Help You

An internist is a specialist in internal medicine, one that provides patients with a high level of care. Still, many people are unfamiliar with the term “internist” and think that they are a provider of alternative medicine. This is not … Continued

Recommended Cancer Screening and Testing

Cancer screening can be completed before a person shows any signs of having cancer. This screening is necessary when certain cancers run in the family, or a person is in a high-risk group. These screenings can detect certain cancers before … Continued

How to Find the Right General Practitioner

A general practice physician is also known as a primary care doctor or a primary care physician. Typically, people rely on us, their family doctor, for every possible element that impacts their health. Whether it is a broken bone, a … Continued