Answers to Questions About a High Blood Pressure Treatment

Posted on: April 16, 2018

Anyone with high blood pressure should visit our office right away for a high blood pressure treatment. Blood pressure is something that can be checked at the local pharmacy or during any regular physical. Because of this, patients often get used to hearing about blood pressure and do not understand how critical it can be to heart health and overall health. In a sense, we find that many people simply ignore symptoms of high blood pressure thinking that it really isn't a problem. In truth, high blood pressure can lead to a variety of health problems so it is critical to take clear and decisive action.

Who gets high blood pressure?

We have found that people of all ages can suffer from high blood pressure but typically, it is going to impact people after they turn 40.

What is considered high blood pressure?

Anyone with blood pressure above 130/80 has high blood pressure. Those with a blood pressure of 180/120 are at an even greater risk of health problems.

How can I tell if I have high blood pressure?

Typically, patients cannot tell if they have this issue or not. This makes it necessary to visit a doctor's office to find out.

Can I do anything to treat it at home?

We recommend eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise. Exercise should include cardiovascular activity to increase blood flow. As for diet, it is important to cut out salt or at least reduce salt intake since this is a known risk factor. Those who often eat out instead of cooking at home are typically exposing themselves to a significant amount of salt that is far beyond what they would even realize. Things like a hamburger and french fries are incredibly high in sodium content. Also, prepackaged snacks are a big culprit given that they can contain serious amounts of salt and sugar. Eating a diet that is primarily made of whole foods is going to be the easiest way to cut back on salt intake. While it does require cooking at home, it is better for a person's long-term health.

What conditions are related to high blood pressure?

The reason that scheduling a high blood pressure treatment is so important is that this single condition can contribute to someone having a heart attack, suffering coronary artery disease, struggling with angina and arteriosclerosis. Additionally, high blood pressure can be a big risk factor for having a stroke in the future. Since a stroke can be debilitating and change what a person is capable of doing on a daily basis, it simply is not worth the risk. Also, it is not worth the risk to suffer congestive heart failure, as many people with high blood pressure eventually do.

How do you treat high blood pressure?

There are a variety of ways to treat this condition. The recommendations we make are going to be based on what we discover during an examination and consultation. We are going to determine what is taking place physically and also learn more about a patient's lifestyle and dietary choices so that our recommendations and treatment can be comprehensive. Generally, treatment involves taking specific medications and making lifestyle changes like quitting smoking and eating a low sodium diet.

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