Is There a Difference Between an Internal Medicine Doctor and an Internist?

Posted on: January 15, 2020

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Looking for information on internal medicine? If you are currently suffering from a health problem and are in need of a medical professional to diagnose, manage and treat your health problem, choosing to make an appointment with an internist is a great next step.

Is there a difference between an internist and an internal medicine doctor?

Want to know whether an internal medicine doctor is the same type of medical professional as an internist? Yes, these two terms refer to the same type of doctor. An internal medicine doctor is also known as an internist. They are a type of medical professional who only treats adults and has undergone additional education and training to provide them with the necessary knowledge to do so.

Types of care an internist offers

An internal medicine doctor offers patients many different types of care. This means they can treat patients who have something as seemingly simple as an ongoing cough from a cold, or they can treat patients who have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition or a disease. Their versatility allows adults to see them for a variety of different types of health care problems and for those who are in need of a new primary care doctor, they can choose an internal medicine doctor for primary care.

Rare and complex conditions and diseases

An internal medicine doctor is one that places a large emphasis on providing their patients with the long-term, comprehensive care they need. The fact that internists can manage both common and complex diseases makes them an ideal choice for anyone who is suffering from a chronic health condition or a complex disease. Two of the more common types of complex diseases they treat in today’s patients include heart disease and diabetes. Internists who treat these two common types of diseases have decided to practice in a sub-area, as complex disease treatment requires in-depth training.

Research, teaching, consultancy

Some internists choose to teach others about what they know, from their everyday interactions with patients as well as from the research they perform on a regular basis. Many also offer consulting services, as internal medicine doctors have a wealth of knowledge from their extensive training and education. While they are not trained to perform surgical services, they work closely with other medical professionals who do, as they often work with a team of other medical professionals in order to provide patients with the optimal care they need.

Do you currently need to see an internist?

Are you ready to make an appointment? Our internal medicine doctor can address your health problems and answer any questions you have during a consultation appointment. When you call to schedule your first appointment, let us know why you are requesting an appointment, as well as what day and time that works for you. The sooner you get the health care services you need, the sooner you can be on your way to recovery.

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