Primary Healthcare: Six Preventive Services

Posted on: December 7, 2020

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Currently looking into your primary healthcare plan so you can find out what preventive health care services are available to you? The importance of preventive care should never be underrated as this is one of the most vital things you can do when it comes to managing your good health. When someone is experiencing any health issue, the sooner a doctor identifies it, the better the results will be. When any health-related issues are found in their beginning stages, they are going to be much easier to treat.

Why is prevention so important?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes, are responsible for seven of every 10 deaths among Americans each year, of which many are largely preventable. Therefore it is so essential for everyone to make regular doctor appointments, even if they feel strong and healthy and for that reason think that they are in overall good health. It is indeed possible for someone to still feel healthy even in the beginning stages of a disease, which is why primary health care services are so essential.

Common preventive services

The following is a list of six of the more common preventive services that people are using nowadays to make sure that their general health is indeed in good shape. It is vital for all patients to understand that a primary care health provider can also provide the counseling and advice patients need to get back on their path to wellness. This counseling is especially beneficial for patients who are looking to lose weight or quit smoking.

Regular checkups

Also known as wellness visits, these appointments will likely catch any underlying health concerns before they turn into a serious problem.

Blood pressure monitoring

High blood pressure is not good for your heart, so your doctor may encourage light to moderate exercise as well as dietary changes to lower your blood pressure.

Cholesterol tests

Like blood pressure, cholesterol is not good for the heart. Tests will determine the severity of your condition.


Most people see diabetes as a health concern that can cause someone to become sick after eating sugar, but this condition can have extreme consequences including loss of extremities.

Cancer screenings

These screens usually serve to find breast cancer, cervical cancer and colorectal cancer. Early detection is the key to beating this disease.


Your doctor will tell you if your weight and body fat levels are normal. Obesity can lead to other major concerns like heart attacks, so it is best to treat this before serious conditions form.

Have any questions for us?

Have any questions about primary healthcare we can answer for you? Alternatively, do you have any questions about the preventive services we offer? If you do, know that one of our caring team members are more than happy to take your call. The more you understand how to take care of your health, the more likely you will provide yourself with good health care. It is essential for you to be well informed, and that includes learning about any of the services that can prevent serious medical conditions.

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