Recommended Cancer Screening and Testing

Posted on: July 16, 2018

Cancer screening can be completed before a person shows any signs of having cancer. This screening is necessary when certain cancers run in the family, or a person is in a high-risk group. These screenings can detect certain cancers before any symptoms show up so that if cancer is identified, it can be treated effectively. Treatment is more likely to work best when the cancer is found early.

It is important always to get checked when there is a chance of having cancer. Speaking with our office about any symptoms or concerns you may have is recommended. We can provide more information about the screening and testing that may be necessary, based off of those symptoms or concerns.

Recommended cancer screening tests

There are a handful of cancer screening tests that are approved by physicians. These cancers are more common, and when found early enough, the chances for remission are substantially increased.

Cervical cancer

Regular Pap tests can detect any abnormal cells on the cervix that may turn into cancer later on. HPV is a common virus that can cause cervical cancer. When found early enough, these cells can be removed, reducing the risks of cervical cancer.

Lung cancer

Those between 55 and 80 years old and have a history of being a heavy smoker, currently smoke or have quit in the past 15 years should get a yearly lung cancer screening test performed. Low-dose computed tomography is the screening test preferred.

Breast cancer

Mammograms help to detect breast cancer in the earlier stages when it is the easiest to treat. These tests can give more insight of the health inside the tissues of the breasts.

Colon cancer

Precancerous polyps are usually the cause of colon cancer in patients. By having screening performed, these polyps can be found and taken out. This dramatically reduces the chances of having these benign growths turn into cancerous cells.

General health screenings

General health screenings are performed to check on other areas of the body where cancer might be present. Neck, head, lymph node and different types of cancers can be found during these routine screenings. Having the doctor do a thorough examination, blood test and other tests as required can provide more information on issues that might be happening in the body that should be addressed.

Other types of cancer screening tests

Screening tests can be performed for many kinds of cancers. Thyroid, pancreatic, testicular and ovarian cancers can all be found earlier and treated. While this is important to have done, those that are found to have cancer have a different outcome depending on their specific health history, the type of cancer, how early it is located, treatment and various other factors.

Early detection and treatment improves long-term outcomes

By finding cancer earlier, the patient has a higher chance of receiving the help they need, living longer or even surviving cancer. As such, cancer screening is highly recommended for everyone, especially those that have a family history of a specific type of cancer.

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