Treating Diabetes with an Internist

Posted on: June 18, 2020

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Many people don’t realize that an internist is a type of doctor that can actually treat the majority of a person’s symptoms. Internists are typically primary care physicians because they are able to diagnose and treat any medical issues that do not involve surgical procedures. If a surgical procedure is a necessary step in treatment, then an internist will refer the person to a specialist who can perform the surgery.

Can Internists Treat Diabetes?

People may be wondering if internists are able to treat diabetes, and the answer is yes. Internists are able to treat diabetes, but a person may be more comfortable with a specialist. While internists do undergo training in that of all medical conditions, they are not required to take any additional training in diabetes.

Diabetes is a condition that forms in a person’s body when a bunch of diseases come together as a result of too much sugar being present in the blood. There are different levels of diabetes and depending on the type that a person has, they may want to consider visiting a specialist as opposed to an internist.

Types of diabetes

Knowing the severity of each type of diabetes may help a person who is considering whether or not to visit a specialist. If the stage of the diabetes is not life-threatening then a person may be comfortable continuing treatment with an internist. However, if the type of diabetes is extremely harmful then they may consider visiting a specialist for a more involved method of treatment.

-Type 2 diabetes: People with type 2 diabetes are resistant to insulin. The body still produces insulin but isn’t able to use it properly. This, in turn, will make the pancreas work harder to produce insulin that will go unused. Because insulin within the body isn’t being used efficiently, glucose will remain in the bloodstream causing too much sugar to be present.

-Type 1 diabetes: Type 1 diabetes is different because the body thinks that healthy cells are not good for the body. These cells are attacked and destroyed by the immune system which then causes the body to be unable to continue producing insulin.

While first consulting with an internist can be beneficial towards someone with diabetes, it may be in their best interest to follow up with a specialist as well. Diabetes can be harmful to the body if proper treatment is not provided, so visiting with both an internist and a specialist can be more than beneficial. An internist is more than qualified to treat diabetes, but it never hurts to also bring on the opinion of someone who is specifically trained in diabetes as well.

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