Visit an Internal Medicine Doctor to Treat Your Asthma

Posted on: March 16, 2018

Visiting an internal medicine doctor is wise for adults that have suddenly begun to experience symptoms related to asthma. It is possible for adults to develop asthma later in life. The symptoms of asthma may include wheezing, coughing and tightness in the chest when trying to breathe. It is critical to take the symptoms seriously and to seek out treatment right away. Asthma is a condition that is treatable and if managed appropriately, the symptoms can be lessened. However, asthma can also lead to death so it is something that cannot be ignored.

Why it is important to visit an internist first

Patients who think they may have asthma have a wide variety of doctors they can visit for treatment. Eventually, most patients end up at the pulmonologist. However, it is important to visit the doctor who practices internal medicine first. This is because an internist is focused on treating adults and understands how various parts of the body work together to contribute to a person's overall health.

Because there could be a multitude of things contributing to the onset of asthma, an internist is going to conduct a thorough examination, run a variety of tests and make a determination of all the factors that could be contributing to this condition. This could make it possible to reduce the symptoms of asthma.

Dietary factors could be leading to asthma-like symptoms

One factor many patients are unaware of is how their diet could actually lead to asthma-like symptoms. For example, if a person has a food allergy, it could be making it difficult for them to breathe by causing inflammation. It is possible to develop allergies later in life so even something that someone has eaten or drank for an entire lifetime could all of a sudden begin causing an allergic reaction.

It could be anything including milk, gluten, and even corn. Running an allergy test makes it possible to determine if there are any food allergies causing problems. It really depends on the patient. Unfortunately, since many people do not visit an internal medicine doctor for asthma, they may never realize if they have a food allergy that could be contributing to their symptoms. It is far better to know the truth and try to treat the condition this way instead of jumping immediately to taking medication.

An untreated illness could be causing problems

Additionally, since asthma is caused by inflammation, there could be untreated illnesses contributing to the symptoms. Visiting an internist for an examination is important for making this determination. For example, if someone has an untreated bronchial infection, this could be causing inflammation.

Internal medicine takes a scientific approach

It is important to note that internal medicine takes a scientific approach to patient care. In our office, we are seeking to identify what is causing our patients to struggle with their health problems so that we can treat it in the most effective manner possible. This requires looking beyond the obvious to see how different parts of the body are working together to contribute to a health challenge so that it can be corrected rather than simply masking or treating the symptoms. When it comes to asthma, this approach can make the difference between simply managing asthma symptoms with medication or reducing the occurrence of them.

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