What Type of Doctor is an Internist?

Posted on: December 16, 2018

With so many different medical specialties out there today, it’s hard to know who does what! There are so many medical professionals who work hard every day to provide nothing but the best care to people everywhere. Knowing what types of work medical specialists do can be a beneficial aid when facing different medical problems. Knowing who does what will ensure that a person goes to the right person for whatever they are facing.

Today, we will discuss what an internist does. This article will break down what they do, how they help people and give a person a better understanding of the things they address.

What is an internist?

An internist is also known as a general internist or a doctor of internal medicine. They are trained doctors who specialize in that of internal medicine. This means they are professionals in the diagnosis of a patient and handling the nonsurgical medical treatment of adult patients.

The role of an internist is primarily nonsurgical, they consult with and manage the treatment of the patient. Internists can be a person’s primary care physician and they can work out of a private practice and medical centers including hospitals.

Just like a general doctor, an internist can diagnose and treat any medical problems that a person may experience. However, be sure to remember that they don’t perform surgery or invasive procedures but can treat almost any medical problem that doesn’t require that surgical procedures be done.

How they help

While internists can do many things, they, more importantly, can help people. An internist can help a patient that may seek out a long-term primary physician or someone that needs a consult for a general health problem.

If a person visits an internist for a consultation or examination and the internist is not qualified to treat the patient, they will then refer them to a specialist who can help. Typically, if the patient prefers to have the internist as apart of the medical treatment team, then they can accommodate that. This allows for that comfort that can be provided from a personable relationship.

Just like with other doctors, an internist has the main goal of helping or healing a patient with any medical problems they may have. With that being said, it’s important that people know that internists can help them with just about anything!


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